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I have rediscovered the gratitude journal. After a conversation with my son Brandon about them the other day, I decided to try keeping one again. This has got to be the tenth or fortieth time I’ve made that New Year’s resolution. But it seems like so little happens on a daily basis these days that eventually I wind up listing the same half-dozen things over and over again…

Brandon had a different take on gratitude journals, however. He says being grateful for three things each day is a good start. But here’s the trick, he says… Don’t just make a list of things you’re grateful for, write a few lines about WHY you’re grateful for that washing machine, how it affects your life. WHY you’re grateful that the neighbor stopped by to bring you some fresh-baked cookies, and how that made you feel. WHY you got a chance to stop by and see your aunt in the hospital, and how that affected your perspective on things… You get the picture.

So I tried it, and here I am over a week later and haven’t listed the same thing twice! I’m finding when I put that journal down and walk away, my whole mood has gotten a shot in the arm. I can honestly say I’m learning a thing or twenty about myself. And feeling grateful makes me happier, makes me smile. This is the journal Brandon gave me for Christmas.

Whatever our life philosophy is, being aware of our blessings is apparently a powerful way to lift our hearts and spirits! In fact, Proverbs 17:22 (CJB) says…

A happy heart is good medicine,
but low spirits sap one’s strength.

Isn’t that so true?! If you’ve never tried keeping a gratitude journal, give it a go. I promise it will make you feel better!


Picture Source: joandjudy.com