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Sometimes the best thing we can do to change our life 
is to change our perspective on it.

List ten ways in which you are living a lucky life.

(Just out of curiosity I had his nibs do a list for this. I was curious as to how our perspectives might differ. Probably not so much!)

His Nibs:
1. A good job
2. Plenty to eat
3. Shelter
4. A family that loves me
5. A cabin in the mountains
6. Freedom to go and do as I please
7. Adequate medical care
8. Good health
9. Good friends
10. A good education

1. A safe place to come home to
2. His nibs!
3. My life is peopled with 2 great kids,
4 rambunctious grandkids,
1 terrific son-in-law,
extended family,
and many friends
4. Safe drinking water
5. Twitch, our librarian cat (she likes to sit on the book shelves)
6. Access to books, books, and more books!
7. Adequate medical care
8. Financially secure (almost)
9. A working washer and dryer
10. Religious freedom

I think I need to post that LUCKY list somewhere and remind myself of it frequently. It just MIGHT change my perspective when I’m hiding in the pity party closet!

YOUR turn! What things in or about your life make you feel lucky?


Picture Source: CyberDatingExpert.com